There are plenty of people on social media making statements in anger, trying to score political points for their side, and demanding their viewpoint be implemented at the expense of others. It's become all about defeating the other side and advancing an agenda, but at what cost?

Where are the leaders who will put what's right ahead of what's best for them personally? Where are the political leaders who care more about the next generation than the next election?

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Speech to the Barrow County, GA GOP

Speech to the Georgia Republican Assembly Convention

Rebuilding Trust In Our Elections System

A friend suggested I listen to a podcast talking about DefCon's Voting Village, where hackers hacked voting machines. After listening, I have some thoughts.

I've been saying since I started campaigning that the next Secretary of State will need to lead the effort to purchase new voting machines. I firmly believe this, and if elected I will create a transparent and inclusive process that presents the Legislature and our next Governor with recommendations the public will support. I believe we need a verifiable audit system and have co-sponsored HB641 by Rep. Scot Turner which would require a paper backup system for our machines.

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Independence Day 2017