HOT Lane Data And Town Hall Questions Answered

Tweet As you know, I’ve been compiling data on the I-85 HOT lanes provided by press release from SRTA. Late last week the Governor’s office sent many of the Gwinnett Representatives additional data on the HOT lanes. Included in those documents were answers to every question submitted at the much maligned October 24 Town Hall […]

Nigerian Teenagers Forced To Be Domestic Slaves In Suwanee

Tweet Cross posted at Peach Pundit. CNN’s Gena Somra tells the story of two young Nigerian women brought to America on the promise of an education only to find themselves serving as domestic slaves and beaten on a regular basis. This story isn’t from some far away place or in some poverty stricken area, it […]

Kingston, Westmoreland, Seek To Fix H-2A Visa

Tweet Cross posted at Peach Pundit. Following up on Charlie’s article on Monday, Congressmen Kingston and Westmoreland are pushing reform of the H-2A visa. The H2A visa allows laborers to legally enter the U.S. to work in the agricultural industry. The current rules governing H-2A simply don’t work, increasing the incentive for laborers to come […]