Atlanta’s Jewish Community Joins The Fight Against Human Trafficking

Sunday afternoon I was on a panel at the Atlanta Jewish Temple talking about human trafficking and how we can fight it here in Georgia. Also on the panel were Cheryl DeLuca Johnson of Street Grace, Jennifer Swain of Youth Spark, Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens, US Attorney Sally Yates, Senator Renee Unterman. The audience was large and engaged. For many they were hearing for the first time that human and sex trafficking is a major problem here in Georgia.

WABE was on hand and filed this report.

Rabbi Berg says history dictates Jews take a stand against an issue such as child sex trafficking.

“Our whole philosophy is based on a line that we read every year at Passover that says, once we were slaves in Egypt and now we are free and we have an obligation to end slavery wherever and whenever it rears its ugly head.”

This was the first time in the country that a sex trafficking forum solely addressed the Jewish community.

Rabbi Rachael Bregman is hopeful it will inspire other Jews to connect with the organizations working to combat child sex trafficking.

To learn more visit the Open Jewish Project.

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