Bittersweet Election Day

From where I stand some bad things and some good things happened last night.

First the bad: I’m obviously disappointed with the outcome of the Presidential Election. Finger pointing on the right has already begun and I’m sure the 2016 campaign will start before we finish carving our turkeys in a few weeks. Smarter political minds than mine will dissect yesterdays results ad nauseam but I have no interest in that. President Obama won and I hope he and the Congress very quickly pivot from campaign mode to governing mode. The nation faces very serious problems that, as Charlie points out, need to be addressed quickly.

The so-called fiscal cliff Washington is headed toward could have serious implications for Georgia. We have a large number of military installations in our State and should the Pentagon bear half a trillion in cuts Georgia will be impacted. Other cuts mandated by sequestration could impact Georgia’s budget as well. Yes serious cuts to the Federal budget need to be made but I fear the gridlock in DC means no serious reforms will be made only more unfunded mandates pushed down to the States. The end of various temporary tax cuts and the implementation of new taxes related to Obamacare are also of concern. I have little hope these problems will be addressed adequately. Perhaps after a few good nights of sleep my optimism will return.

Now for the good: I’m very pleased the charter school amendment passed with solid support. I’ve written more on that topic than I care to think about but suffice it to say I remain convinced this is a positive step forward for our State. I’m glad most Georgians agreed with me on amendment 1.

We can examine results in particular races as we move forward but last night remains for me a bittersweet election day.

Cross posted at Peach Pundit.

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