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Please join me this Thursday evening at 7 PM for our third Online Town Hall Meeting. You can watch live on my website. If you're a member of Google+ you can participate there as well. Simply add me to one of your Circles.  We'll discuss what's happened and what's upcoming during the remaining days of the 2013 Legislative Session. Thus-far this year we've had two Online Town Hall meetings. You can watch the video for the second meeting here. You can also watch video from the 1/08/13 Town Hall here

The House took up a number of pieces of Legislation this week and I'd like to bring two to your attention: HB254 allows drivers to use an electronic copy of their insurance card, such as in a smartphone app, as proof of insurance. HB178 allows the Georgia Medical Composite Board to regulate pain management clinics. This is an effort to regulate "pill mills" which have become a serious problem in our State.

You can see the list of all votes taken in the House here.  Click on each vote number to see more details about what was being voted on and how I voted on that particular measure.

On Monday the House will vote on HB142 and HB143, Speaker Ralston's ethics reform bills.  HB142 bans gifts and meals to individual Legislators, restores rule making authority to the Georgia Campaign Finance and Transparency Commission, making it easier to adequately carry out their responsibilities, and clarifies the registration process for Lobbyists.  Provisions of the bill that caused concern among citizen activists have been modified to allow those who are not paid to lobby and spend no money lobbying to continue to be at the Capitol anytime they want (see lines 275-290 of the bill).  

HB143 requires Legislators who receive campaign donations after the December 31st disclosure report and prior to the start of the Legislative session (the second Monday of January each year) to file a report of those donations.  HB143 also allows local elected officials who receive less than $2500 in donations to file their reports locally rather than with the Campaign Finance Commission.

Committees continue to work on numerous bills working their way through the Legislative process. House Committee meetings are broadcast live and past meetings are available online.

The House will be back in Session at 1 PM Monday and will meet each daily through Friday. You can watch each day's session live or review the archives.  I will send out another of these weekly emails next weekend.

You can connect with me via Twitter and Facebook (personal or campaign page or ) and see photos from the Capitol on my Tumblr page.  Also, you can watch each day's session live on the internet. 

Please feel free to contact me anytime if I can be of assistance.  I'm honored to serve you at the Capitol and covet your prayers and support.
Buzz Brockway
Representative, Georgia State House District 102
504-B Coverdell Legislative Office Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30334

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