2014 Legislative Update Week 3

The third week of the 2014 Legislative session has come and gone and thanks to Winter Storm Leon not much Legislative action took place this week.  I hope all of you and your children got home safely last Tuesday.

There were two notable bills introduced last week:  The "Safe Carry Protection Act" seeks to change provisions relating to carrying weapons and the issuance of weapons carry licenses. It is similar to a bill I voted for last year.  I will keep a close watch on this bill as it moves through the committee process.  I plan to vote in favor of HB875, unless changes are made to this bill that I find unacceptable.

The second bill of note introduced last week (HB885)  seeks to expand the use of medical marijuana in Georgia to include children who suffer from diseases that cause seizures. Since the 1980's Georgia has allowed Doctors to prescribe medical marijuana for patients with cancer of glaucoma.  This bill would continue and slightly expand that law.  At this time I am undecided on this bill.  I am open to the concept behind the bill but I fear the slippery slope.  California sought to expand the use of medical marijuana and now they have a system that I consider to be a farce.  I do not want to see that happen here in Georgia.  I have a poll on this topic in the "vote4buzz" iPhone app.  Please vote in the poll or email me your opinion on this subject.

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Buzz Brockway
Representative, State House District 102

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