Recent Media Appearances And Interviews

Yesterday I sat down with friend and colleague Rep. Rick Jasperse to talk about his pro-2nd Amendment bill HB875. Listen to the interview at Peach Pundit.

Last night a story aired that I took part in. The subject is the ride-sharing company Uber. There is a debate going on under the Capitol about how much, if any, companies like Uber should be regulated. Watch the story here. The larger point I was making is that when we see disruptive technologies like Uber we should let them flourish not drown then with regulations. The taxi cab industry is heavily regulated so the way to ‘level the playing field’ is to relieve the taxi companies of the oppressive regulations they face, not apply those regulations to companies like Uber.

I’ve spoken with Alan Powell, the author of the bill. As he said in the 11Alive interview, he wants to make sure drivers for companies like Uber have proper background checks done, have proper insurance and pay their taxes. In other words the bill won’t move forward in its present form.

Earlier in the week I spoke with Martha Zoller and Tim Bryant on their radio show “Zoller and Bryant.” We talked about the new ride-share service Uber as well as a few other things going on under the Gold Dome.

Last week I spoke briefly with 11Alive’s Doug Richards. He wanted my thoughts on the political impact of Winter Storm Leon on Governor Deal’s reelection campaign. In a word: none.

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