2014 Legislative Update Week 7

Mark you calendars for this Thursday night, March 6th, at 7 PM for an Online Town Hall Meeting. I will send out additional information later in the week.

It was another busy week in the state House.  We voted on a number of important bills which will now be sent to the Senate for their consideration.  I'd like to bring a couple of those bills to you attention.

HB826 would give school systems flexibility in dealing with "zero tolerance" policies.  We are all familiar with stories of straight A students who accidentally bring a fishing knife or Advil to school.  Current policy would not allow school officials to put those situations in context - HB826 will give our educators that flexibility.

HB804 would protect children from the psychological trauma that can result from testifying in court about cases of abuse. Testifying before a court is an intimidating task, especially for a young child, and having to face an abuser can be even scarier. HB 804 provides young victims with another option. The bill allows them to testify remotely via live broadcast if the court agrees that testifying before the accused would cause serious physical or emotional distress for the victim. Not only will this measure ease discomfort for victims, but it might also eliminate one of the barriers that prevents them from coming forward about their abuse. I was proud to co-sponsor this bill.

HB915 allows parents to freeze their children's credit reports preventing identity fraud.  Unfortunately, thieves steal the identity of kids and ruin their credit without the parents even knowing. 

Monday is the 30th Legislative day.  Bills must pass either the House or Senate Monday in order to be considered by the other body.  These are the bills we are scheduled to vote on but any bill on this list that has not already been voted on can be brought to the floor for a vote by the Rules Committee.  

Our poll this week concerns HB707, which would prohibit state funds from being used to advance Obamacare : Should the Legislature pass HB707, the Georgia Health Care Freedom and Affordable Care Act Noncompliance Act? You can vote in the vote4buzz app or by clicking here.

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Buzz Brockway
Representative, State House District 102

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