2014 Legislative Update Week 8

If you missed last Thursday night's Online Town Hall, watch the replay here.

This past Monday was "Crossover Day' where by rule a bill must pass either the House or Senate in order to be considered by the other Legislative body.  In the House we voted on 53 bills. Here are a could noteworthy bills in no particular order:

HB1080 would authorize a statue of Martin Luther King, Jr. to be placed on the Capitol grounds.  The statue will be paid for with private money.

HB885 would expand Georgia's medical marijuana law to allow Doctors at research Universities and Hospitals to prescribe cannabinoid oil low in THC to patients suffering from seizure disorders. 

HB707 would prevent state tax payers funds from being used to implement the Affordable Care Act.  

HB990 would require a vote in the Legislature before medicaid could be expanded.

Thursday the House passed SB763 which calls for a convention of states to propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution on the topics of limiting the power of the federal governemnt and limiting the terms in office of federal officials.  With this vote, Georgia became the first state to pass this resolution and I was honored to present this on the floor of the House 

To see a list of all votes cast this session, click here.

Last week's poll: Should the Legislature pass HB707, the Georgia Health Care Freedom and Affordable Care Act Noncompliance Act? Yes: 86%. No: 14%  

This week's poll is about SB167 which seeks to limit the use of the Common Core educational standards in Georgia. The bill has two main sections. The first changes how standards would be set by creating a panel of parents and teachers to work with the State Board of Education. This section of the bill also prevents Georgia from joining any future common core standard in areas such as science or civics and  orders a review of current uses of common core in math and language arts.  The second section of the bill restricts how student data is used.  Under the bill only academic related data could be collected and no student data could be shared with federal agencies. 

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