2014 Legislative Votes And Online Town Hall #gapol #tcot

Thank you for reading my weekly Legislative Updates during the 2014 Session of the Georgia Legislature.  Now that the session of over, I will cease the weekly emails and switch to periodic emails to announce events or Online Town Hall meetings.  I appreciate the feedback so many of you have given this year.  It's helpful to hear from you as I consider which way to vote on Legislation that comes before us.  

With that in mind, please mark your calendar for this Thursday night, April 3rd at 7:00 PM EST for an Online Town Hall meeting.  I'll send out a link where you can watch the Town Hall and send me questions you'd like me to answer.  

Also, I've posted a spreadsheet showing every vote I cast this year. Some of the votes were procedural in nature, which can get pretty confusing. The Legislative "sausage making" can get ugly sometimes but feel free to ask me about any vote I cast and I'll do my best to explain why I voted the way I voted.


As you all know, I'm running for reelection and I do have opposition this year.  An independent candidate is out there working hard to gather the necessary signatures to get on the ballot for the November election.  Would you consider supporting my reelection campaign with a donation?  Any amount is appreciated.  You can donate online here of mail a check payable to "Buzz For State House" to:

Buzz For State House 
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This week's poll is about the upcoming Republican primary for U.S. Senate.  Vote for your favorite candidate. Vote in the vote4buzz app or by clicking here.

You can vote in the vote4buzz app or by clicking here.

Even though the Legislative Session is over, I'm still here to serve you. There are a number of ways to stay in touch with me:

1) Email me at buzzbrockway-at-gmail-dot-com or call my cell phone at 678-895-9064.
2) Download the "vote4buzz" app for your iPhone.  Search for "vote4buzz" in the App Store or click here.  In the app you'll be able to participate in "flash polls" on various issues.For those of you with Android phone, a version of the "vote4buzz" app will be available soon.
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6) Visit my You Tube channel to see videos, including videos from last year's online Town Hall meetings.

I covet your prayers and value your feedback.  Feel free to contact me any time.

Buzz Brockway
Representative, State House District 102

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