Tax Day 2014: How Your Money Is Spent

Today is the deadline to file your state and federal tax returns. Please don’t be late since the IRS is not an organization you want mad at you. If you are not going to finish filling out your form in time today, consider filing an extension.

Since everyone will be thinking today about how much money they pay to the government, I thought I’d pass along some information about how, broadly speaking, the federal and state government spends your money.

Here is a breakdown of federal spending:



And here is a breakdown of where your state taxes come from:




And how your state taxes are spent:



State expenditures explained:

Educated Georgia = Department of Early Care and Learning, Department of Education, University System of Georgia Board of Regents, Student Finance Commission, Georgia Teachers Retirement System, Technical College System of Georgia
Healthy Georgia = Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities, Department of Community Health, Department of Human Services, Department of Public Health, Department of Veterans Service.
Safe Georgia = Department of Corrections, Department of Defense, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Department of Juvenile Justice, State Board of Pardon and Paroles, Department of Public Safety.
Responsible and Efficient Government = Georgia Senate, Georgia House of Representatives, Georgia General Assembly Joint Offices, Department of Audits and Accounts, Court of Appeals, Judicial Council, Juvenile Courts, Prosecuting Attorneys, Superior Courts, Supreme Court, State Accounting Office, Department of Administrative Services, Department of Banking and Finance, Department of Driver Services, Employees’ Retirement System, Office of the Governor, Office of the Commissioner of Insurance, Department of Labor, Department of Law, Georgia Public Defender Standards Council, Public Service Commission, Department of Revenue, Office of the Secretary of State, State Board of Workers’ Compensation.
Growing Georgia = Department of Agriculture, Department of Community Affairs, Department of Economic Development,Georgia Forestry Commission, Department of Natural Resources, State Soil and Water Conservation Commission.
Mobile Georgia = Department of Transportation.

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