Legislative Update Week 10

The 2017 Legislative Session has only five Legislative days left and this week promises to be a busy one.  Committees in the House and Senate have moved many pieces of Legislation to their respective Rules Committees for final approval before a floor vote.

Tuesday I made note of Pi Day with a lighthearted effort to tout the virtues of math.

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Legislative Update Week 9

There are a mere ten days left in the 2017 Legislative Session.  The Capitol had calmed down a bit, but trust me, it's the calm before the storm.  Senate Committees are working on bills we passed in the House, and House Committees are examining bills the Senate passed prior to "crossover day."

Thursday I was blessed to be able to bring my Pastor, Johnson Bowie, to deliver the devotional in the House.  You can watch his remarks here.

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Legislative Update Week 8

As I mentioned last week, I introduced HB 471 which would protect college students' First Amendment rights. We had a hearing on the bill last week which you can watch here.  I'm pleased to say the Board of Regents are reviewing the policies at all of Georgia's public institutions and recommending changes.  In addition, Georgia Gwinnett College has made significant changes to their policies.  As a result of these developments, it was decided that my bill should be tabled.  I support this move and am pleased to see changes being made.

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Legislative Update Week 7

Let me begin this week telling you about a bill I introduced.  The First Amendment of our U.S. Constitution guarantees all Americans the right of free speech. Sadly on many of our college campuses, speech codes and "free speech zones" exist which limit when and where students can exercise their Constitutional right and in practice even limit what a student can say. In response to this situation, I introduced HB 471 which would protect each students' First Amendment rights. Read more about it here

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Legislative Update Week 6

Thank you to those who sent ideas of laws that need to be repealed to the Code Revision Committee I chair.  If you'd like to help us seek out unconstitutional and obsolete parts of the Official Code of Georgia send your ideas to my Legislative email and we'll get to work on it.  I produced a short video asking members of the public to use their expertise and help us find obsolete and outdated laws.  I hope you'll help in this effort.

The 2017 Legislative Session is in full swing and a number of bills passed this week.  Here are a few of my favorites:

In an exciting effort to bring the commercial space industry to Georgia, the House saw the passage of a measure this week that would establish the groundwork for this industry in our state. House Bill 1, the Georgia Space Flight Act (GSA), would define procedures for commercial space flight activity, allowing Georgia to be more competitive with neighboring “space friendly” states.

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