2015 Legislative Update Week 7

Tweet Monday was the 20th Legislative Day, halfway through the 40 day session but 2/3rd of the way until “crossover day.” Crossover day is the 30th Legislative. which is the day. according to the Rules of the Senate, a bill must have passed the House in order to be considered by the Senate. This past […]

2015 Legislative Update Week 6

Tweet This week, we saw the first bill make its way through the General Assembly as we sent vital, job-creating legislation to Governor Deal for his signature. Senate Bill 5, which passed both the House and Senate by unanimous vote, will enable the Georgia Ports Authority to accept federal dollars for the Savannah Harbor deepening […]

2015 Legislative Update Week 5

Tweet We kicked off our fifth week of session by passing the Solar Power Free Market Financing Act, or House Bill 57, which I was proud to co-sponsor. This legislation, which was passed unanimously by our body, will make it easier and more affordable for Georgians to put solar panels on their rooftops by allowing individuals to fund […]

2015 Legislative Update Week 4

Tweet Another week came and went at the Capitol. The Legislative process, as they say, is akin to making sausage, and the sausage machine takes time to get going.  Committees have been meeting to get organized and adopt Rules.  This coming week, many Committees will begin meeting to work on Legislation.  The House Committee meeting […]

2015 Legislative Update Week 3

Tweet On Thursday of this week the House approved the amended fiscal year 2015 budget.  Georgia's fiscal year runs from July 1st to June 30th each year which makes each year's Legislative Session a good time to adjust the budget.  Almost all the adjustments to the FY2015 budget were due to increases in the K-12 […]