Legislative Update Week 7

Let me begin this week telling you about a bill I introduced.  The First Amendment of our U.S. Constitution guarantees all Americans the right of free speech. Sadly on many of our college campuses, speech codes and "free speech zones" exist which limit when and where students can exercise their Constitutional right and in practice even limit what a student can say. In response to this situation, I introduced HB 471 which would protect each students' First Amendment rights. Read more about it here

We passed a number of bills this week.  Here are a two of my favorites:

HB 41 allows architects to obtain their professional license faster while still maintaining the same level or training.  It is hoped this will make it easier for young, aspiring architects to find employment.

HB 134 makes a few changes to special purpose local option sales taxes (SPLOST) to give local governments more flexibility.  For example, Gwinnett voters could approve a SPLOST to fund road projects languishing on the DOT's project list rather than waiting for the DOT to complete them. 

We'll be back in session Monday thru Wednesday and again on Friday for Crossover Day.  As always, you can watch the sessions live and all House committee meetings from the comfort of your home or office.

As I did during last session, I record a quick video update each day we are in Session,  You can join us live on my Facebook page.  Here are last week's videos: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  


Former UGA football player (and current New England Patriot) Malcolm Mitchell visited the Georgia House this past week.


As always, you can contact me at my Capitol office at 404-656-0188 or via email.  You can also connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or via my website.

I look forward to serving you in the Legislature for the next two years.  As I tell people, I get to wake up everyday and try to make Georgia a better place.  It's a great job and I'm grateful you folks trust me to represent our community.


Buzz Brockway
Representative, State House District 102
504-B Coverdell Legislative Office Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30334