The real reason I'm running for Georgia Secretary of State.

As I've been out campaigning for Secretary of State, people often ask why I decided to run for this office. The short answer is this: I have a passion for the duties of the Secretary of State's office. It's responsibilities align with the reasons I got involved in politics in the first place, namely, freedom and opportunity. It's really that simple.

Simon Sinek's book "Start With Why" challenges us to figure out what truly motivates us - what our "why" is. For me, the "why" of my desire to serve in elected office is this: "To protect freedom and expand the opportunity available to all the people of Georgia."

My "why" fits nicely with the responsibilities of Secretary of State, especially in two key areas:

Elections are the principle way voters connect with our political system. Many people don't vote because they don't think their vote counts and their voice won't be heard. Voter registration must be easy for all citizens, which is why I authored the law allowing online voter registration. Voting via absentee ballot, advanced in person voting, and election day voting must be convenient, and polling locations must be accessible to all voters. Polling places and early voting locations shouldn't be picked based on which political party or candidate they might help. We must fight vehemently against all efforts to manipulate the elections system for partisan advantage. Voters must trust the elections system is safe, their data is secure, and the results are reported quickly and accurately. To do anything less undermines our republic.

Professional licenses should exist to protect the pubic from fraud and harm, and nothing more. The Georgia Occupational Regulatory Review Council has two functions: to determine if a new proposed professional license is needed, and to perform periodic reviews of existing licenses. These reviews should determine if the license is still needed, or if it places an unnecessary burden on license holders. Unfortunately, the Council is not performing these periodic reviews. To address this I introduced HR744 to put pressure on the Council to follow the law and perform these periodic reviews. I hope the Legislature will act on HR744 during the next Legislative session.

I don't view the office of Secretary of State as a stepping stone to another office, or something to do to fill out my resume. I see the office of Secretary of State as crucial to the freedom and opportunity of all Georgians. I can promise you if I'm your Secretary of State, I'll wake up every day and remember my job is to fight for freedom and opportunity for all the people of Georgia.

I want your vote and need your support. Click "Get Involved" at the top of the page and sign up to volunteer. Together, we can provide freedom and opportunity for all Georgians.