Campaign Update 3/12/18

Campaign Update

We have yard signs! They are available to be picked up, and you who are interested in putting a yard sign in your yard, please fill out this form. We also have bumper stickers and t-shirts available at no cost to you.

On the campaign trail, I had the privilege to speak to the Henry County Young Republicans, and the Hall County Republican Party where we met great people and learned more about the issues that matter to all Georgians. Additionally, I had the chance to appear on the Georgia Public Broadcasting show, Lawmakers, where I talked about my campaign and the current legislative session. 


Last Monday was a big day as I officially qualified to run for the Republican nomination for Secretary of State. Over the past year of campaigning, I have been able to talk about our positive, conservative message all over Georgia. We've talked about my goals for the Secretary of State's office, which include how Georgia can have the best election system in the country, and be not only the best state to do business in, but also the easiest state.

Some of the improvements I want there to be in our election system are post-election audits and new election machines with paper backups. The post-election audits would serve as a quality assurance test, to ensure the paper backups match the reported votes, giving voters confidence in our elections system. I've been appointed to a House Subcommittee that will be looking at Senate Bill 403, introduced to modernize Georgia's elections system.  I look forward to working on that subcommittee and helping to craft legislation to move Georgia forward.

Additionally, there needs to be a review of the professional licenses that will check to see whether or not we have the correct amount of regulation and not too much. In some cases, it may be best to cut some professional licenses, which would make it easier for some people to get jobs and make a living for them and their families. 

Legislative Update
If you've never had a grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich, try one, you'll like it.
This is the tenth week of the 2018 Legislative Session.  Crossover has come and gone, meaning bills from the House of Representatives already have crossed over to the State Senate in order for them to have the chance of being signed by the governor this session. I'm at the Capitol working on Legislation and attending important committee meetings.

If you are planning on coming to the Capitol, please feel free to reach out to me and let me know you're coming.

What's Next 
 Please join us at these upcoming meetings:

March 13 KSU Republicans
March 22 Oconee County GOP

How You Can Help
Please help Buzz's campaign for Secretary of State by becoming a volunteer.