Georgia House of Representatives Overwhelmingly Support Buzz Brockway for Secretary of State


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Georgia House of Representatives Overwhelmingly Support Buzz Brockway for Secretary of State

70 Georgia House Representatives have endorsed Representative Buzz Brockway’s candidacy for Secretary of State.

“I am honored to have the endorsement of 70 colleagues in the Georgia House. I have worked over eight years in the Georgia House to push conservative issues and no one knows how hard I work better than these House members”.

House Endorsements:

Mandi Ballinger, District 23
Tim Barr, District 103
Paul Battles, District 15
Dave Belton, District 112
Josh Bonner, District 72
Jon Burns, District 159
Michael Caldwell, District 20
Wes Cantrell, District 22
David Casas, District 107
Joyce Chandler, District 105
David Clark, District 98
Heath Clark, District 147
Brooks Coleman, District 97
Kevin Cooke, District 18
Christian Coomer, District 14
Sharon Cooper, District 43
John Corbett, District 174
Clay Cox, District 108
Katie Dempsey, District 13
Robert Dickey, District 140
Matt Dubnik, District 29
Chuck Efstration, District 104
Earl Ehrhart, District 36
Terry England, District 116
Bubber Epps, District 144
Dan Gasaway, District 28
Rich Golick, District 40
Micah Gravley, District 67
Gerald Greene, District 151
Meagan Hanson, District 80
Buddy Harden, District 148
Brett Harrell, District 106
Matt Hatchett, District 150
Lee Hawkins, District 27
Dewayne Hill, District 3
Scott Hilton, District 95
Susan Holmes, District 129
Penny Houston, District 170
Rick Jasperse, District 11
Todd Jones, District 25
Trey Kelley, District 16
Tom Kirby, District 114
Jodi Lott, District 122
Howard Maxwell, District 17
Tom McCall, District 33
Greg Morris, District 156
Chad Nimmer, District 178
Randy Nix, District 69
Allen Peake, District 141
John Pezold, District 133
Clay Pirkle, District 155
Alan Powell, District 32
Jay Powell, District 171
Bert Reeves, District 34
Trey Rhodes, District 120
Terry Rogers, District 10
Ed Rynders, District 152
Ed Setzler, District 35
Jason Shaw, District 176
Jason Spencer, District 180
Ron Stephens, District 164
David Stover, District 71
Jan Tankersley, District 160
Kevin Tanner, District 9
Darlene Taylor, District 173
Tom Taylor, District 79
Sam Teasley, District 37
Scot Turner, District 21
Bill Werkheiser, District 157
Bruce Williamson, District 115