Gwinnett Schools Reach Agreement With Ivy Preparatory Academy

Earlier this week, Ivy Preparatory Academy accepted an offer from Gwinnett County Public Schools to become a Gwinnett Charter school. Ivy Prep will receive $4368 per full time equivalent. As I understand it, the agreement will last for one year. The Gwinnett Daily Post reports:

Following the Supreme Court’s decision, Gilbert sought approval from the Gwinnett County Public Schools to keep Ivy Prep open. Earlier this month, the school board granted that approval, but a funding conflict almost led Gilbert to reject the agreement.

After further discussions with officials from the county school system and the state, Gilbert decided to move forward with the agreement with Gwinnett County Public Schools.

“This is the approval we have been seeking since 2007, and we have received it along with the assurances from state and local officials that our school will be treated and funded no less favorably than any other local school,” Gilbert said. “We have received additional assurances that all of our out-of-district scholars will be allowed to remain at Ivy. We now can finally turn all of our attention to planning and preparing for the start of school.”

On May 23rd, many members of Gwinnett’s Legislative Delegation wrote a letter to the Gwinnett County Board of Education urging them to work with Ivy Prep. I’m grateful they did and that things worked out for Ivy Prep.