Rebuilding Trust In Our Elections System

A friend suggested I listen to a podcast talking about DefCon’s Voting Village, where hackers hacked voting machines. After listening, I have some thoughts.

I’ve been saying since I started campaigning that the next Secretary of State will need to lead the effort to purchase new voting machines. I firmly believe this, and if elected I will create a transparent and inclusive process that presents the Legislature and our next Governor with recommendations the public will support. I believe we need a verifiable audit system and have co-sponsored HB641 by Rep. Scot Turner which would require a paper backup system for our machines.

After listening to the podcast and reading several articles on the DefCon Voting Village results, I’m not convinced the current voting machine manufacturers are up to the task of providing the level of security we need. I hope they can prove me wrong.

I’ve mentioned in my stump speech a couple of times that I think we should consider building our own voting machines. And after the DefCon incident I’m more convinced of that than ever. We have the technical expertise in this state to do this. We can bring experts in from the private sector who can build voting machines for us, according to the security standards the pubic demands and in accordance with the requirements of federal and state law. I’m not saying building our own machines should be our only option, but I am saying we need to explore this further and seriously consider this as we select new voting machines over the next few years.

What we don’t need to do is panic and purchase a machine for the 2018 election because some salesman says it will do the job. We have security measures in place currently that have protected us thus far. We need to remain vigilant in our elections security and thoughtfully go about making desired improvements to our elections system.

The public must trust that the elections results are accurate and their voice is heard in our political process. As Secretary of State I will work tirelessly to build public trust in our voting system