Results of my 2017 Legislative Survey.

This year 189 folks took part in my 2016 Legislative Survey – an all time high. I appreciate everyone who participated and shared the survey link on social media. Many of the participants also provided comments to support their survey answers, and I’ve included a couple of my favorites below. So without further delay, here are the results:

Q2 comment: Our state income tax is the highest in the southeast and higher than Illinois. It is a hindrance to economic growth and a magnet for Florida and Tennessee for wealthy second home full time residents.
Q2 comment: I honestly don’t think our state income tax is high enough to get worked up trying to lower it.
Q2 comment: Until we can afford to take action on climate change and protect our environment, we should not be cutting taxes.
Q3 comment: Pass a simple law that merely adopts the federal standard of review in GA. That takes care of problem.
Q3 comment: It’s just not worth it. Too divisive. We will lose too much business.

Q4 comment: Yes; taxes on idiots are acceptable.
Q4 comment: Name a place that casino gambling has improved.
Sorry, I forgot to allow for comments on Q5.

Q6 comment: One never knows where the nuts are and these devices offer some self protection
Q6 comment: It’s a possible hazard to others if it goes off accidentally.
Q6 comment: What about a cultivation program for cannabis oil?

Q8 comment: I’m a progressive libertarian.
Q8 comment: Have lost faith and respect in/for Republican party
Q8 comment: Nobody’s business. I want issues not labels.

Q9 comment: I carried a barf bag and voted for the lesser of two evils.
Q9 comment: Best choice for the position. Trump is not remotely suited for any political office
Q9 comment: I voted AGAINST Hillary Clinton, not truly FOR Donald Trump.
Q9 comment: If you have to ask then you may part of the ‘swamp’!