Statement On Today’s Supreme Court Ruling re: Charter Schools

From a post I wrote for Peach Pundit:

Georgia’s Supreme Court struck down the law that created 14 Charter schools around the State leaving those students in limbo. As Maureen Downey writes in her “Get Schooled” column:

The decision is a major victory for school systems and local control but a setback to the burgeoning charter school movement in Georgia. Unclear is the fate of the 14 charter schools approved by the commission.

The decision could be a fatal blow to schools such as Ivy Preparatory Academy, an all girls Charter school in Norcross. Ivy Prep was at the center of this fight after the Gwinnett County School Board denied their application. The State Charter School Commission approved it and the legal fight was on. Gwinnett has three specialty charter schools.

This decision, coupled with Georgia’s limited access to opportunity scholarships, leaves low income families with virtually no choice but to accept the quality of their neighborhood school. Students in Gwinnett, where the school system is pretty good, are probably going to be OK. However, the dropout rate here in Gwinnett is still unacceptable.

As a State Representative I will continue to work hard to make our school system the best it can be. While public schools in Gwinnett are good, Georgia is still near the bottom of the pile compared to other States. We’ve got to be willing to look at all options when it comes to helping Georgia’s students learn and be prepared to face life’s challenges.